Holter Recordings

The ECG measurement solutions are based on Mortare 12-lead Holter recordings. We are also able to process ECG data recorded with other recording devices such as patches.

Twelve-lead electrocardiograms are a wealth of information regarding the heart functioning. Features, both waveforms and intervals on the ECG correlate to the structure and function of different segments of the myocardium.

The use of 12-lead Holter recorders can reduce the logistical complexity of acquiring large number of electrocardiograms required for TQT and Multiple ascending dose/Single ascending dose studies. Intermark Technology ECG Research offers the Mortara H12+ Holter recorder for continuous (24-48 hours and 12-lead) Holter recording captured on flashcards.

The 12-lead High-Fidelity Holter Recordings, with a sampling frequency of 1,000 samples/sec/channel, provides excellent ECG data for further analysis. These are built upon the VERITAS™ ECG algorithm and are designed to meet the particular needs of clinical research.