ECG Interval Measurement

ECG Measurement Services

The ability to identify adverse cardiac effects is a crucial part of early drug development. Intermark Technology ECG Research offers a range of cardiac electrophysiology services for all clinical study phases. We provide analyses and reporting of ECG measurements such as QT/QTc, RR, PR, JT interval, QRS duration and HRV Frequency, Time Domain. We are experienced in interacting with pharmaceutical and Contract Research Organization clients in compliance with Good Clinical Practice.

For the ECG measurements a semi-automatic method is used. A computer algorithm identifies the interval points. Subsequently a cardiographic technician visually assesses the points and provides adjudication if needed.

Measurements are performed on Single lead or Global Median Beats. With Global Median Beat the algorithm forms “median” beats from all 12 leads of the ECG. Median beats are utilized to minimize the impact of noise present in any given single beat. Following selection of beats, the beats are aligned and combined to form the median beat.

With the median beats constructed, a series of “global” measurements can be obtained. These measurements are global in the sense that they are not lead specific, but rather span the 12-lead simultaneous data. In the case of the PR, QRS and QT duration, the algorithm determines onsets and offsets by reference to a composite measure of electrical activity, reflecting the total activity across all leads, formed from the independent median beats.